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Behind Structured Cabling and Its Importance in Business

Behind Structured Cabling and Its Importance in Business

For effective connection when transmitting voice, data, and video signals, it is important to use structured cabling. Structured cabling is an essential entity of any network infrastructure as it helps businesses remain connected and productive. This blog provides insights into the basics of structured cabling and how they are crucial in business. Also, the assessment provides specific insights into how you can choose the correct cabling system that suits your needs.

The growth of the business community requires one to enhance connectivity and the different channels of communication. This ensures that the employees, the corporate partners, and the customers are able to communicate with each other. As the backbone of the business environment, structured cabling ensures that the various components of the business are connected.

Benefits Associated with Structured Cabling


Over long periods, structured cabling is stable and accommodating to the changing conditions. The cable also is more secure as compared to other types of networks, and this is because it prevents other unauthorized personnel into the system and safeguards sensitive data at all times. The cable types can also withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature and low humidity since they are fitted underground and in walls. Hence, the organization is more secure in the face of any threat or physical adversity.


Modern businesses work efficiently with the incorporation of structured cabling. This cable setup provides a scalable and organized system that ensures the various technologies and applications used to run your business are supported efficiently. The prospect is significant as you can easily install and upgrade cables at any time you desire. The wires are also flexible and can be easily managed to suit your requirements. So, when your needs change and you demand more output, structured cabling makes these changes easy to accomplish.


Structured cabling is cost-effective. The upgrades and changes placed on the system are not expensive over time. Not to mention that it enhances the use of a higher bandwidth which guarantees higher speeds. With this, it can ensure that the business grows with ease and any technology can be used effectively. It limits down time experienced by employees and customers, which translates to more money earned for your business. Calculate that fact in when you are making room in the budget for structured cabling.​

If you are interested in investing in structured cabling for your business, you need to work with a company that understands proper structured cabling design. Our JCOMM team has been installing, troubleshooting, and upgrading structured cabling systems for nearly two decades. We would love to help your business grow.

By JCOMM 12-15-2022