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About Us The Keys of Integration

JCOMM: Who We Are

How does JCOMM exceed expectations? The secret lies not only in what we do, but how we do it. JCOMM invests the time and resources to fully understand the businesses with whom we work. By doing this, we learn the requirements for the business and customize each system to fit the customer perfectly. At JCOMM, customer satisfaction is our number one objective.

Leadership Team

Carolyn Shaw - Chief Financial Officer

A veteran business leader and co-founder of JCOMM, Carolyn Shaw is an integral part of the “secret sauce” that makes JCOMM such a trusted resource in providing cabling, net-work support, telephony and A/V solutions for North American businesses.

Carolyn has wealth of experience in credit and customer service management areas, having lead a cross-cultural strategic credit management initiative in Europe for Citicorp and managed 250 member 24x7 customer service team domestically. At JCOMM, she is responsible for the design and management of the operations systems that keeps JCOMM humming.

Dave Shaw - President

The founder and managing member of the JCOMM, Dave Shaw is an industry leader in providing customized, customer-focused connectivity solutions for organizations ranging from the U.S. Olympic Committee to Schlumberger.

Over the course of his career, Dave has amassed a singular record in selling and implementing complex communications systems throughout North America, including the largest deployment of Avaya IPOffice phone systems in the United States and Canada.

His personal integrity, industry knowledge and sense of humor have made him a go-to resource for organizations seeking to sophisticated, integrated solutions and fewer communications headaches.

Steven Sykes - Business Development

In the beginning, Steven Sykes managed the deployment of all project and field work from MAC to large multi-phase projects across North America, overseeing everything from cabling and IT installations to audio visual, paging, construction services and phone integration. As the business has grown, so has Steven’s role grown in business development with his strong emphasis on client-relations.

Relentlessly organized and deadline-driven, Steven has amassed a strong track record of bringing projects to fruition on-time and on-budget. He is a flexible, communicative client liaison with the ability to improve procedural efficiencies, delight customers and meet fluctuating project goals.

Our Team

Our 500 technicians can support you from anywhere. They represent a business model for these economic times—fully licensed and insured to provide excellent service but at a cost you can afford. They have proven their abilities and earned the opportunity to support us in the field.

One national client observed, “JCOMM Group is our hands, eyes and feet in the field.”

If you want to open a local retail site, we can handle the cabling, phone system installation, training and support.

Statement of Values

Our core beliefs as to what makes JCOMM Successful

  • We believe in building a culture of service with meaningful relationships that honor integrity and honesty.
  • We pursue opportunities that allow us to deliver smart business communication solutions for our clients.
  • We listen carefully to our customers, our vendors and our team. Each conversation provides an opportunity to clarify expectations, and deliver excellence. We will communicate promptly, respectfully, effectively and thoroughly in order to execute efficiently. These actions deliver profitability to our customers as well as our own business.
  • We will always strive to achieve our best and fulfill our commitments to each other, our clients and our vendors.
  • We view mistakes as learning opportunities. We learn, we respond, we improve, and we build upon our learning to raise the bar for our performance.
  • We believe in life balance—hard work, rest and play—are valued and encouraged.
  • Individually, as a team, and as a business, we will hold ourselves accountable to these values, with confidence that we will only be successful if our actions are in alignment with our values.