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Consulting voice and network services for companies nationwide

Consulting Industries

There is a never a "One Size Fits All" approach to deploying technology. Every industry, and every individual company within that industry requires its own custom-tailored approach. And that is where JCOMM Group can help. We have experience working with companies in a wide array of industries, and we are familiar with the specific technology needs of each one that we service. With our consulting services, you can be assured that your company will know exactly what it needs to function effeciently and safely.

Volatile fields require stable infrastructure. We have worked with many in the Oil & Gas industry, so we are familiar with your needs. At JCOMM, we have the experience needed to deliver communications solutions for you in a professional manner. We can help you evaluate what systems you need in place and then install and maintain them for you.

We can specifically assist those in the Oil & Gas industry when it comes to:

  • Equipment Inventory Systems
  • Smart Camera Design for Productivity and Safety
  • IP Video Matrix Regional and National
  • Cable Plant Design
  • HSE Environmental Information Health Safety
  • Cost Effective Technology Monitoring Equipment

If you work in Financial Services, you need to be able to have communication solutions that you can rely on. JCOMM has worked with those in the Financial Services industry for many years on both small scales and national. We would be more than happy to lend you our expertise when we consult with you and help you figure out which systems you need. You can count on us.

For example, a few areas we can help you in are:

  • Nationwide Equipment and Software Consulting
  • National Standards Technology Deployments
  • Network Security
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery

A lot of communicating goes into making a senior living home run smoothly. Thankfully, there are many modern day systems that can help to make communicating even easier today. Something as simple as having a reliable phone service can prove to be invaluable. JCOMM is very familiar with the kind of systems that are most useful to senior living homes because we have worked with many over the years, and we can help guide you to communications solutions that make the most sense for you.

You can enlist JCOMM to consult with you in these areas:

  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Point of Sale and Backoffice Software
  • Access Control
  • COVID-19 Compliance
  • Communication Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • HIPPA Compliance

Having the proper communication networks in place is essential to maintaining a healthy business. JCOMM can consult with you regarding a variety of systems from phones to audio visual solutions. We can help you figure out what you need to continue running without frustrating disturbances. Just like every body is different, every business is different. That is why we help curate the perfect blend of communication systems that fit your specific needs.

JCOMM can help you specifically in regard to:

  • Point of Sale
  • Equipment Deployments
  • CRM Systems and Consultation
  • Network Redundancy and Support
  • Build Outs and Takedowns
  • New Center Openings
  • Center Relocations

If you are dreaming of opening a local retail space, JCOMM would love to assist you in getting set up for success. Our highly experienced technicians can do this by taking care of all of your cabling, phone system installation, training, and support. We offer ongoing support at a price you can afford. We take the time to understand the needs of all of the businesses we work with. We do not operate off of a “one-size fits all” mindset. We dedicate our efforts to designing a system that uniquely fits your needs. If you value excellent service that is built on integrity, look no further than JCOMM.

JCOMM is ready to assist you in these ways:

  • Real-time Security Cameras
  • Cable design and installation
  • General IT maintenance through remote & on-site support
  • Communication systems

JCOMM has worked with a wide variety of industries during the commercial construction process. One of the best ways to make sure that your new building has the communication systems needed to thrive is to install them in the beginning stages of building. In addition to installing systems, we can consult with building planners to help guide them in making the wisest choices when it comes to communication integration.

Rely on JCOMM when it comes to:

  • New Site Connectivity Services
  • Underground Utility / Service Coordination
  • Site Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Project, Budget and Cost Optimization
  • Service and Subcontractor Coordination
  • Air Cleaning and Purification