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IT Expense Management professional services

IT Expense Management

Even with a carefully-considered IT budget, unexpected expenses can creep in and disrupt your plans. But JCOMM Group can help you to accurately model and track your IT expenses, painting a clearer picture of what you have and what to look out for. Having a detailed inventory of your assets can make sure there are fewer unwelcome surprises.

Our expert team can audit your equipment and licenses, helping you to estimate the lifespan of your gear, have a clear inventory of what you have available, approximate when you will need to replace or renew items, and make recommendations for trimming your budget. We provide detailed reports and audits, and we can make chargebacks to providers in the event your company has been overcharged for services or goods.

JComm Group can specifically help in these areas:

  • Model and Track IT Expenses
  • License and Equipment Audit
  • Shared Services
  • Charge Backs to Providers
  • Reporting
  • Expense Management

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