Zenlayer is an edge cloud services provider and is headquartered in Los Angeles and Shanghai with offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s software-defined platform to instantly enable worldwide connectivity and deliver superior user experience. Zenlayer offers on-demand bare metal cloud, cloud networking, SD-WAN, and managed services in more than 150+ data centers on six continents.
  • CDN: Content Delivery Network focused in SEASIA and China
  • SD-WAN (Application Acceleration): Layer 3 networks, enabling edge locations like offices and retail locations to connect to global private network. Accelerate connectivity to wide list of SaaS products like O365 and Salesforce
  • Cloud Connect/SDN: Layer 2 P2P circuits, 1Mbps-10Gbps availability, access to major cloud spaces to create hybrid environments
  • Bare Metal Cloud: Infrastructure for private or public cloud or expansion. Flexible monthly billing/terms.
  • Managed Hosting: Non-standard or unique server/hardware requirements, sourcing, ship/receive, install.
  • Colocation: Data Center space and power. Includes hardware procurement, shipping/receiving, standing up of footprint.