Wireless Watchdogs is a “Solution Driven” mobility management company that takes the complexity out of all things mobile. Specializing in “creating a revenue stream out of a current expense” and making life simple for all our clients with our “All Mobility Managed” Solutions. What are our value propositions? Simplified Mobile Management which includes: Cost Savings, Mobile Policy, Mobile Security, Device Usage Control, Decision Support, Reporting/Analytics, Device Procurement & Provisioning, MDM Management, IoT, Increased Labor Efficiency through our Unlimited Mobile End User Support Desk & IT Smile Generator… We put all mobility in to a “box” and take it off their desk!

1) MMS: Managed Mobility Services, which include:
Wireless Optimization (paying the right cost, for the right amount of services)
Reporting & Analytics (see who’s doing what, when, where and how with your mobile
Unlimited Mobile Support Desk:
Simplify mobile support
Provide self-service and/or live help
Increase mobile user productivity & uptime
Gain subject matter expertise
Reduce internal support requirements
Refocus IT staff on higher value activities
Lower mobile support costs

2) Global MDM & MDM Managed Services: (We manage ALL MDM providers: Airwatch , MobileIron , Maas360, SOTI, etc
This service makes it simple and efficient to procure, deploy and manage an MDM solution to its full potential (Cost, Reporting & 24/7 Unlimited MDM Support.
Clients already have MDM? Its okay, we’ll manage it for them!

3) Global IoT “Internet of Things” Managed Services with Wireless Watchdogs Connect: The Internet of Things (IoT) links together networks, devices, and data. It helps you learn more about the things vital to every level of your business. Wireless Watchdogs Connect provides customized scalable IoT solutions that will make managing your business easier than ever. Wireless Watchdogs Connect can help you find the IoT and M2M solutions you need to get your business to market quickly and keep it running smoothly. With Wireless Watchdogs Connect, connectivity is just the beginning:
IoT Managed Services Managed solutions for M2M & IoT projects
ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) The ELD Mandate has arrived and time is running out! Wireless Watchdogs Connect can help you get compliant and more, with comprehensive fleet management solutions IoT Summary:
We customize plans specifically for each business and create proposals which include savings and other efficiency benefits
Secure and scalable infrastructure for hosting IoT solutions
Wireless data connectivity for your IoT modules
We assign a dedicated customer success rep to every account and manage all IoT services for you

  • ELD (Electronic Logging Devices)
  • Global IoT Managed Services
  • Global MDM & MDM Managed Services
  • Unlimited Mobile Support Desk
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Wireless Optimization
  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS)