Natural Wireless, LLC is an ultra-speed Fixed Wireless Internet services provider that has been offering services in New York City, Northern New Jersey, and Long Island for more than 14 years. They provide a unique network design that is powered by automatic failover and diverse, multiple paths to locations that do not rely on traditional underground fiber or coax connections. Natural Wireless delivers dedicated Internet access speeds of up to 10/10 Gbps and fast installation of 5 business days or less as well as short-term, custom-built solutions for events.
  • Fixed Wireless dedicated Internet Access
  • Short term event solutions
  • ReZilient UltraConnect: New York's first fully integrated fiber optic/microwave radio ultra-speed dedicated Internet solution for businesses. Combining the benefits of fiber with the reliance of microwave radio technology provides businesses the ultimate dedicated Internet solution from a single carrier using a single IP address block or BGP session. Service is delivered over diverse paths and failover is automatic in real-time.